Welcome to the Young Israel of Merrick

We are an orthodox synagogue and community located in Merrick, Long Island, NY. New members of all levels of observance are warmly welcomed.

The Young Israel of Merrick was incorporated in 1987 by a core group of 17 families.

We currently offer a full program of Jewish activities, including daily minyanim, weekly shiurim, and education programs. We have an active Sisterhood, and activities as varied as Young Israel of Merrick Softball, a Ladies Book Club and Shalosh Seudos between Mincha and Maariv every Shabbos that features the best food and the best Divrei Torah on Long Island.

Who We Are


A Place for Everyone

Our goal is to promote the Torah lifestyle in Merrick. We strive to attract, welcome, and inspire every Jewish person to continually increase his or her connection to God.


A Town for Everyone

Merrick is a warm and active center of Jewish life, offering a wide range of religious, educational, and social activities. It's also set in a beautiful suburban area, and is an easy 40 minute train ride from New York City.


A Rabbi for Everyone

Rabbi Marc and Rebbetzin Jeryl Volk have been boldly leading the community since 1995. They bring an unmatched combination of professionalism and warmth.



Kosher Food

In addition to being within short driving distance of West Hempstead and the 5 Towns, Merrick also supports local Kosher establishments like Bagel Boss, Zuckerbakers, and Tavlin. Click on the icon to learn more about Kosher options in Merrick.



Merrick is centrally located among Jewish educational institutions of almost every orientation, including HANC, North Shore Hebrew Academy, HALB, DRS, SKA, Central, HAFTR, and more.



We are excited to announce that a brand new Mikvah is being built in Merrick. For more information about building progress and the future Mikvah, or to donate, click on the icon.



The Merrick Eruv, which was set up and is maintained by Young Israel of Merrick, is inspected by our Eruv Committee Chairman Steve Hamburg each week. Click on the icon to view a detailed map of the Eruv.




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Monthly Calendar

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Shalosh Seudos

Click on the icon to learn more about our famous 3rd meal spread and experience.

More about our story The Young Israel of Merrick was incorporated in 1987 by a core group of 17 families. The new synagogue welcomed everyone, regardless of financial position, education, or background. From 1986 through mid 1988, services, cultural events and meetings were held in private homes with facilities being rented for the High Holidays. In mid 1988, the Young Israel purchased a home for use as a Shul. Eventually, The Young Israel received a variance from the Town of Hempstead to convert the home into a synagogue building. The construction was completed quickly with the help of our extended Young Israel family. Our building, though small, provided adequate seating for our members and facilities for our children.
More about our Rabbi Our spiritual leader Rabbi Marc Volk epitomizes the mantra of the Young Israel of Merrick, namely to provide an environment where all participants feel comfortable and are able to grow their Judaism at their own level and pace. Rabbi Volk has the unique ability to find a common ground with people of all backgrounds, whether talking about sports or halacha. The Rabbi's examples of "gemilat chesed" like visiting the sick and interaction with people in their time of need make him a real asset to our community. At a time when many Rabbi's wives shun the role of Rebbitzen, Jeryl Volk embraces it with gusto. She is always welcoming guests for Shabbat and Yom Tov hospitality, leads discussions and classes, and is there as a friend to our congregants. Her warmth and genuine friendliness are appreciated and cherished by the entire membership.
More about Kosher Food in Merrick Bagel Boss - Since 1989, Bagel Boss of Merrick has had the freshest bagels and baked-goods around. Voted the best bagel on Long Island for five consecutive years. Specialty salads and gourmet wraps, a hand-sliced smoked fish selection and hot foods, breads, muffins, croissants, homemade Cookies, Rugalach, Challahs, Babkas, Occasion Cakes and of course bagels which are all baked fresh every day. 2101 Merrick Road. Under the Rabbinical Supervision of Rabbi Asher Schechter.